Daysafe lighting system


In the quest to reduce the risk of ‘Slips, Trips and Falls’ throughout the home, REDi-lite has developed an incredible piece of assistive technology. The REDi-lite ‘Daysafe Lighting System’ offers free light that is powered by the sun to lighten up those dark areas around the home. Daysafe is the perfect solution for brightening up those potential risk areas enabling the elderly and infirm to remain in their homes longer, rendering it a safer and happier environment to live in. REDi-lite is an approved product within the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) program.


How it works

It works much the same as a skylight with a sun up sun down effect. As the sun rises the light gets brighter, then, as the sun sets the light intensity reduces. It behaves just like a skylight but without the restrictions and design issues skylights possess. A single solar panel is neatly installed on the roof, from there a small cable enters the roof space and connects up to one or multiple Skyfixtures providing exceptional light throughout the day. They can be installed in single or multi storey homes or apartments and have the ability to be turned off, giving you total control of your daylighting system.



  • No roof penetrations, therefore: - No water leaks. No storm damage. No fire restrictions. No security (ingress) problem. No heat losses or gains.  No compromising of the roof structure
  • Multiple rooms lit from a single solar panel
  • Faster, easier installation
  • Can be switched off during the day.
  • High light output in single or multi storey homes units
  • Designed Extra Low Voltage, DIY and safe to use
  • Optional Day/Night use
  • Shaftless, No bug corpses


  • Free to operate
  • Available in Warm white and Daylight
  • Can be switched off during the day
  • Can be used from the grid at night (Optional)
  • High light output
  • Multiple Skyfixture options
  • Exceptional warranty

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