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Redilight is eager to show off the great work being done by our distributors through our social media platforms and website.

We are especially eager to see images or video of your installation successes and share them with as many people as possible to increase interest in Redilight and drive leads and sales.

To help you achieve this we have set-up a simple upload form below.

For best results we recommend the following tips for submitted pictures and video.

  • Ensure the camera lens is clean prior to shooting. Dirt and fingerprints can impact how light is processed by the camera. A quick wipe with a clean cloth can deliver significant improvements in the quality of images.

  • Use high resolution settings. The default setting on most smart phones and digital cameras are set to mid-level resolution. Increasing the resolution (in the Settings of your device) will deliver higher levels of detail and a sharper image. It is also easier to work with for multimedia designers.

  • Turn your phone horizontally. This allows for a more engaging picture by improving the perspective of the image and drawing the eye to the subject. It is also much easier to crop a horizontal photo to a vertical format than vice versa.

  • Frame the photo to include surrounding elements. Allowing space around around the subject of the photo improves perspective and provides context. It is better to have too much space and then crop the photo later than not enough and a photo that doesn’t tell the whole story.

  • Make the room the star of the photo. A picture of a light on a ceiling is not as engaging as a picture that shows the effect a light has on an entire room. Customers are purchasing the benefit that the product provides, so attempt to capture that in the image.

  • Set the scene. A quick tidy up of the room to remove unnecessary clutter can deliver greater visual impact and reflect positively on the installation and the product.

  • Take multiple photos. The more photos you take from more angles the more likely you are to capture the perfect image. You can upload more than one image through form below.

  • Try using a low angle shot. Images taken from waist height or below with the camera tilted upwards are recommended as they will make it easier to include the light in the frame.