John - Wirral, Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM

Hey Joel

It's John, UK.

Hope you're well

Just to let u know we have had really bad weather here and 3 inches of snow on the panel and guess what, the lights still worked through the snow!

SANDRA - NSW (Installer - Skylight Design)

My house was always dark because we are surrounded by beautiful bushland. 

I have had solar REDi-lites installed and the problem is solved.

They appear like bright natural light yet I don’t have holes in the roof as conventional skylights would require.

They very unobtrusive and economical by comparison to conventional skylights.

Happy customer,

Jairo - Pymble, NSW

Hi Trevor

Just wanted to thanks for the excellent job done at my house.

The new led lights look very impressive, you can not tell the difference between solar light from a standard skylight and this new led system, I also liked the effect at sunshine and dawn how the lights increase and decreases the intensity following the sun, it made a difference in some dark spaces I had in my house, well done!

Helen & Neil Cooper - cairns

Hi David,

We are loving our REDi-lite solar lighting systems.

Thank you for your excellent service as well throughout our purchasing experience of Solar REDi-lite - Second to none.

We couldn’t be happier with the 24w REDi-lite Solar skylight alternative and the down lights we have installed. The day/night kits are also working a treat on the 24w lights.

We have plenty of light in our house now even on an overcast rainy day like today.

Thanks again

Dick clarke - director - envirotecture

Accredited Building Designer (602g NSW)
Fellow of Building Designers Australia

I have fiddled round with PV powered daylighting for several years, trying different combinations of LED lights and PV panels, hoping they would match up and give a good result. Then I discovered REDi-lite had done all the hard yards and more, and come up with what can only described as an astoundingly effective product. I installed one in my own kitchen, wired it up late one evening, and almost had to wear sunnies next morning at breakfast. All that, with no summer heat gain or winter heat loss - I am such a fan!

Best Regards
Dick Clarke

Carolen - Publisher

I recently installed a REDi-lite Solar Skylight in my house which is undergoing a sustainable renovation. I needed to brighten the bathroom during the day, so I reviewed the skylight products on the market. I decided to use REDi-lite as it is a completely different system powered by solar panels, quick and easy to install, no cutting of bathroom ceiling to fit the Smart LED Lighting system and definitely no leakages. The light output is perfect and I can add more lights to the system when I renovate the kitchen. The price was excellent too.

In short, REDi-lite is extremely good value in regards to energy efficient light output during the day, and more importantly, no negative impact to my house.

supergreen solutions - townsville

Hello Sean,

Yesterday we had our new Solatube and a new REDi-lite Solar Lighting system retro fitted to our home by your company SuperGreen Solutions Townsville. 

Your installer, Simon turned up right on time and did an excellent job and everything went like clockwork.

The results are fantastic. Better than expected! The REDi-lite has made a huge difference in the living room. It’s so good, that we need to get out of the habit of looking for the light switch!!

Being in the design and construction business I know how important the right advice for a particular project is and from the very start we’ve been guided by you and you’re team to give us the best possible products for the best possible outcome.

Great job and thank you.

Ted Larson (Dip Arch Tech)
Design and Building Consultant
QBCC # 733305
Building Design (Medium Rise)

Hello David,

I wanted to send you the pictures below of our Redi-lite installation.  As you can see the natural light is brilliant.  My wife is over the moon, It is our intention to brick up the window in our TV room, So to see the effect i have closed the blinds so as to see the light.   

FYI, before I purchased the REDi-lite system, I called my local skylight dealer in Perth, he arrived and suggested a Solatube of solid construction at a cost of $1000.40 installed. Being a retired person i first researched your product and very happy I did, I had no trouble with installation of the REDi-lite pretty simple for a 65 yo handyman.  

Can i again thank you for taking my calls and providing me with your professional advice. Also your companies service and delivery to Perth has been exceptional . 

Bob Hodnett
Morley,  WA. 

Pam & Helmut - Melbourne, Australia

We have just installed 2 x REDi-lites powered by a solar panel into a dark and dingy study area.
Wow, what a difference!
We have not even had a bright and sunny day yet to see the full effect.
We could not be more pleased by the amount of light difference.
These are not like the 'toys' you buy in the local hardware shop.

We can highly recommend this product.